Lasercut bookboard, handmade paper, glue, and letterpress on kraft paper

18.25 x 4.25 x 4 inches

The Secret Box has been built to hold and protect the submitted secrets of other people. The audience is encouraged to contribute to the piece without showing their secrets to me, the creator. The box is permanently sealed with only the counter of the R open as a slit for inserting secrets written on separate pieces of paper. If I was to give in to my curiosity and open the box, I would have to destroy the elegance of the box to do so.

When this box is on display, it includes pieces of pre-made paper that read, “What is your secret?” and pens are available for patrons to confess a secret, fold up the paper, and insert it into the box with the slit in the counter of the R of the box. I know that they have submitted a secret, but will never get to know what they confessed to the box. The curiosity of this piece is an ongoing performance because I am reminded of the secret submissions each time I see the box in my home, and yet I will still never know what has been confessed.

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