Yarn and nails, temporary wall installation (12 ft x 8 ft) at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Exploding Head Syndrome is a large wall installation made of yarn and nails and completed over the course of a week.

Despite the alarming name of this event, Exploding Head Syndrome is a benign and painless parasomnia or sleep-related dissociative disorder. Individuals who experience this disorder hear an imagined and overwhelming explosive noise like a bomb or gunshot while partially or fully asleep. I experienced one of these episodes in March 2018 while living in Banff, Alberta. My sleeping brain suddenly visualized a cartoonish shotgun had appeared an inch from my face and instantly exploded in a gunshot between my eyes. Visually, I saw this vivid and memorable explosion of colour erupting from a centre-point. Simultaneously, my head snapped backward on my pillow in a jarring manner in reaction to the explosion. It was entirely painless and exquisitely beautiful, despite the sudden and shocking nature. This work is my representation to share with you a visual of what I saw.

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